Kaeles is a Brooklyn Digital Agency run by real people who design with real people in mind.

Design is ever changing, every six months technology leaps forward and it's our job as designers to be ahead of the curve. At Kaeles we make it a priority to predict, dictate, and deliver websites and mobile applications that are beautiful, smart, and easy to use.

Website Design and Website Development go hand-in-hand. We make it our mission to not only deliver websites that look amazing, but also perform amazing.

Product Design

Product Design is all about identifying real people's problems and applying emotional design to alleviate those problems.

Whether designing for blockchain, voice user interfaces, or augmented reality experiences, we always lead with human-centered design to connect users with products.

Mobile Application Design

Did you know that 53% of all internet activity in 2018 came from Mobile Devices?

Let's face it! People are turning to their phones for everything these days. If you have an idea, let our expert team of experienced application designers map out your plan of attack!


We can make simulations or sample versions of a final product, which can be used for testing prior to an official launch. The goal of a prototype is to test products and ideas before sinking lots of time and money into the final product.

This is perfect for getting you ready to see potential investor

Website Design & Website Development

We don’t just design websites, we build them too! Our team has honed their craft in coding out high complexity interactive websites that are geared to be search engine optimized and easy to edit!

We offer a unique content management system that will allow YOU to edit YOUR website without the need for any coding knowledge or help from us– We’ll even teach you how to use it!

We learn about your industry, understand your goals, and execute designs with your audience front-of-mind. Keeping "call to actions" clear, and a user pathway that is intuitive based on consumer needs is what sets our work apart from the rest.

Interaction Design

Think of this as icing on the cake when it comes to building websites and apps! People can sense the usability in a digital product often by solid interaction design. This is all the logical and thought-out behaviors and actions that can occur when a user is navigating a website or application. This level of design depicts the tone and the feel of the entire product.


Have something to sell? Let us build you your own online retail experience that will give you the power to keep track of inventory, sales, and customer information right from the backend of your website!