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The Overview

Our Client came to us with the belief that we are in the midst of a historical revolution in our understanding of young children. We wanted to deliver a website redesign that was in-line with this forward-thinking ideology. Irish School Cairo now has a tool that bridges communication between parents and teachers and their roadmaps for academic success.

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The Challenge

To create a user-friendly portal allowing parents of students/prospective students to access school schedules, classroom itineraries, and enrollment information,

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Our Process

Before any project begins we highlight goals, and communicate what our clients deem as must-haves/non-negotiables. With long-term growth front of mind we conducted research to determine what ways Irish School Cairo could enhance their current means of communication with parents, convert paperwork into digital processes, and streamline student enrollment. After numerous testing, prototyping, and surveying we answered some questions like:

How to increase Parent/Teacher Engagement?

What standards will Parents/Teachers best respond to?

What design choices promote cross-generational feasibility?








The Execution

Our value enhancing design strength comes from the above preliminary research, and with the right answers to the questions we ask– we were able to deliver to our client a custom website that is search engine optimized, delivers information seamlessly, and is built thoughtfully with the standards of current UI/UX best practices.

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